Asgard (or Godheim in the vernacular) is the home of the Aesir, gods of valor and battle. These include Odin, Thor, Loki, and several others. They maintain an uneasy truce with the powerful Vanir, and war constantly with the Jotun, the giants. They are worshiped by the Svartalfar (the dwarves) and humans.

Asgard is a hidden fortress built to withstand the onslaught of giants. No man knows where it lies, and the beings that do are forbidden to speak of its location. It lies on the far end of The Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, but—similarly to Helheim—whether this lies on Ymirgard or not is unknown.

Within the walls of Asgard stand many halls. On a hill stands the greatest, Thrudheim. Within, the gods discuss important matters. At the bottom of the hill is the second largest hall, Gladheim, the mead hall. It functions as the name suggests. Also within Asgard stands the afterlife of noble humanity, a grand hall and battlefield named Valhalla. Next to Valhalla stands Kjunnheim, the Asgardial home of the Valkyrie—their permanent abode lies with Freya in the Realm of Vanaheim.

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